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Family Therapy

We are here to help members of a family understand each other better, change negative behaviors and resolve conflicts.

We are here to help members of a family understand each other better, change negative behaviors and resolve conflicts.

As individuals we’re all unique, we have different perspectives and experience life differently.

Lots of different events and circumstances can make family life stressful.

If things are overwhelming within a family, or when you’re finding it difficult to move out of old, unhelpful patterns, our family therapy service is here to help.

How can we help?

With our Rapid transformational Therapy approach we will give families the chance to express and explore their feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

We will discuss difficulties and differences within your family environment with the aim of improving communication and finding a way forward, together.

We will be inclusive and considerate of every member of the family.

Our approach aims to recognize an individual’s strengths and build on these within sessions and work with members of the family in a collaborative way.

We are sensitive to the diverse nature of family relationships, forms, beliefs, and cultures.

We don’t exclusively work with an entire family where not necessary. We may only work with certain members of the family, with children and adults individually or with couples. We may work with other groups and communities – the term family can cover a range of relationships and is generally used to describe a group of people who care about each other and call each other ‘family’.

“Often communication is at the very heart of relationship problems and family issues are no different. The parents’ divorce, siblings and parents become estranged and often it can be through miscommunication or different styles of communication that rifts start and last”.

– Counsellor Graeme Orr in his article, ‘Do you struggle with family issues?’.


What can our family therapy help with?

We can help many difficulties such as relationship difficulties, dealing with trauma and mental illness.

Here are some common examples of how our family therapy can help:

When a family or couple wants to improve their relationship.

When a member of the family is living with a mental illness.

When parents or guardians are worried about their child’s behavior.

When parents are worried about how divorce will impact the family.

When a family is dealing with loss or trauma.

When a member of the family is struggling with addiction.

When a member of the family is living with a disability or chronic illness.

When family members are going through a life changing circumstances such as divorce, moving , changing schools, getting married…



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