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Rules of the Mind

To make a change it is important to understand how your mind works.

Applying the Rules of the Mind will ensure that you achieve lasting transformational results in every area of your life.

Marisa Peer has spent thirty years studying the mind after which she identified the Rules of the Mind.

As you go over the rules of the mind, you will learn how to condition your mind to work for you rather than against you and how to control your thoughts.


  1. Your mind’s most important job is to keep you alive

 To keep you alive your mind will do everything just to keep you away from pain and move you towards pleasure.

It will avoid the pain as a priority and then move you towards pleasure.

Mind will tune into your thoughts to determine what is pain and what is pleasure.

For example, if you have been heartbroken in the past, your mind will do everything to keep you away from falling in love again, as your subconscious mind will be programmed to think that love is linked to pain.

To trick your mind into thinking otherwise you must associate pleasure with love in this instance, or anything else that you want but your mind is keeping you away from.

You must then associate pain with what you don’t want (being lonely).


  1. Your mind loves what is familiar and avoids unfamiliar

If having a packet of biscuits is something that you do every day, then when you try to stop yourself, your mind will protest because you are familiar with having the pack every day, so suddenly not having it will be unfamiliar to your mind.

So, the trick is to make that what you don’t want (eating a pack of biscuits every day) unfamiliar and to make that which you want (eating healthy and not eating biscuits) familiar.

You can do this by telling yourself things like “I choose to do this, and I choose to feel good about it”, “my body loves this”, “I feel good when I do this”, “there is nothing that I would rather do” …

When you dialog with your mind and you attach positive statements to that which you want to make familiar, then having a pack of biscuits, for example, will become easily unfamiliar.


  1. The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs

Your mind cannot hold conflicting, beliefs, emotions, or thoughts.

If your mind is filled with confident thoughts, emotions, and beliefs then it can not be filled with negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

You can not be happy and sad at the same.

So, you cannot have a job of your dreams if you keep telling your mind that you are not good enough.


  1. Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do

When we say to our mind things like “I am scared that everyone will lough at me if I say or do such and such…”, “what if things don’t go to plan”, your mind will conclude that you don’t want to have that experience.

Mind will think that that experience poses danger to you, and it will do its very best to sabotage what ever you planned to do, by creating a resistance in the form of, for example, headache, trembling, impulse to run or whatever else your mind comes up with.

It is important to create positive thoughts and visions about how much actually you will enjoy that experience, and how much you want to do it.

One thing to note is that fear and excitement feel the same because they create the same psychological responses in your body.

So, whenever you feel fear, label it as excitement.


  1. Every thought that you think creates a physical reaction and emotional response

Every thought that you think creates a physical and emotional reaction, and your mind does not care if it is true or false, or good or bad.

A good example of this is when we think of eating a lemon, we will start having a physical reaction by creating saliva.

Your mind does not care that you are not actually eating it, but it will still create a physical reaction.

It does not care, you told it that you were eating a lemon, and it reacted to the thought.

The thought that you were eating a lemon was a blueprint, and your body reacted as the blueprint.

Remember, you respond to your thoughts, words, and pictures you make in your head.

Now let’s make better pictures, think better thoughts, and say better words to ourselves.


  1. In the battle between emotion and logic, emotion will always win

We think with our rational, logical mind when we attempt to change something, but our emotions driven by our belief system, cling to our habits, feelings, and behaviours.

Hence, we must work on changing our underlying beliefs.

Rationally we know that if we stop bad habit such as smoking, for example, we will be healthier or save a lot of money if we quit.

However, at some point in our lives, we have subconsciously linked smoking to feeling connected or avoiding rejection.

With our Rapid Transformational Therapy approach, we get to the root cause of these strong beliefs, and we help you to get to the exact scenes of why you are finding it challenging to give up smoking or to break your bad eating habits, for instance. This allows us to help you stop smoking, reduce weight, or beat any addiction permanently.

We uncover the root cause and rewire your mind with new, supportive beliefs to help you move forward in a positive, empowering way.

With our Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) approach, we succeed where other therapists don’t.




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